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The Difference Between Yearbook Photos And Senior Portraits

Oh, school picture day. An event that brings back lots of cringy memories and pictures we’d rather not see ever again. Well, for many of us. If you’re one of the lucky ones who had great yearbook photos, congratulations! But, you know friends who did not get great headshots in the yearbook over the years. Now for your senior year, you still have to get the standard yearbook photo. But what if you want to do some more portraits? What if you want some additional images for graduation invitations, maybe another shot or two for your yearbook, and even some printed art for the parental units to hang on the walls at home? 
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What To Wear For Acting Headshots

When most people get headshots, they typically only need one or two. This is standard for corporate types who work in a business setting. However, actor headshots are a completely different ballgame. Not only do actors need to have consistently fresh headshots, but they also need multiple looks. To achieve all of these different looks, you’ll need to know what to wear for acting headshots. I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to find the right colors, fits, and pieces to help you get booked.
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How Much Does A Headshot Cost?

How much does a headshot cost? If you’ve decided you need a new headshot, this is probably one of the first questions you’ve asked. Headshot photography can vary significantly, anywhere from $25 to $2,000 (yes, really). The cost of headshots can also depend on the type of headshot you want, whether it be a corporate, brand, or acting headshot. This post will go through the various headshot pricing models and other factors to consider, including approximate price points for each. Please be aware these numbers are most relevant to the Atlanta headshot photography market.
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