An Atlanta Creative brand Portrait Photographer

Dramatic Light for Your Epic Story

An Atlanta Creative Brand
& Portrait Photographer

Bringing Light to the Heart of Every Story

An Atlanta Creative brand Portrait Photographer

Dramatic Light for Your Epic Story

An Atlanta Creative brand Portrait Photographer

Dramatic Light for Your Epic Story

Meet Mike

Hello! I’m Mike and welcome to Mike Glatzer Photography! I’m a storyteller, and I have the incredible privilege of working with people to share their adventures. Out of curiosity, ask yourself the following:

-Do you want to have a kick butt experience?
-Do you value a relationship with your photographer?
-Do you love gorgeous, dramatically lit images?
-Do you believe in longevity and not just right now?
-Do you like football, Harry Potter & Game of Thrones, traveling, musical theater, podcasts, and porch sitting paired with wine and a good book?

YEah man!


If you’re screaming, “YES!” to that list, then definitely give me a shout! If you’re not 100% on that final point, well I guess I can let that slide. The core of my business is built on the relationships I foster with every person I work with. I shoot a limited number of sessions per year so I can do my absolute best to serve my clients. As a portrait photographer, you give me the responsibility of telling your story via the images I create. Your story is singularly unique and different from anyone else’s, and I make sure to tell it authentically. My goal is not only to provide gorgeous art that you’ll cherish forever but also to offer an unrivaled experience.  How do we do this?


A LOT of questions. I want to get to know you, what you nerd out about, your favorite local restaurants, if you caught the latest football upset, and why you’re choosing to capture this specific moment in time. I want to cultivate a friendship that makes us want to grab a beer long after your session. Hiring a photographer is an investment, and finding someone who fits your style and personality is incredibly important.  Feel free to peruse my blog, read what others have said, and learn as much as you can. After that, send me a message and let’s find a time to grab some coffee (tea for me!) or a beer and chat about your vision.


A photograph will never truly capture emotions and experiences. It’s just a momentary representation - but if you can nail it; damn. That snapshot is enough to get your heart pumping, a smile buliding, and your breath short when you look at it years from now. I want you to feel your images.

18 Reasons


1. Experiences over Visuals

I live by 3 rules: Be honest, have fun, and KISS (keep it simple, stupid!). What else do you need?

2. The Secret Sauce

People are pretty amazing without poking, encouraging, or managing. That’s why I try to never manufacture a moment. I believe in being in the right place at the right time. Worst case, I may ask you to move into better lighting. Be yourself, enjoy your day. I’ll worry about the pictures.

3. Just a Fly on the Wall

"He maintained a perfect balance of seamlessly getting all the important moments without being intrusive." - Erica & Amy

Your session is special and that’s important to me. You’ll never be treated like another task on a list.

4. More than a Number

Be serious. Be silly. Be obnoxious. Don’t pretend or act how you think you “should”. Be you. I’ll never ask you to be anything but yourself.

5. Comfortable in Your Own Skin

"I really appreciated the quick posing tutorial that Mike gave us to make the session run smoothly and had us focus more on connecting and being ourselves without having to worry so much about our body positions" - Alyssa & Blake

I'm sure you’ve seen all the buzzwords: Timeless, Editorial, Lifestyle, Vintage, Photojournalistic, and Fine Art. What do those even mean? My images are Honest, Colorful, and Real.

6. My Style

Stories, Emotions, Experiences, and Relationships. Aren’t those more important than Chic, Extravagant, or Lavish?

7. What Matters

"We have everything from fun candids of our wedding party and guests to photos that are romantic and personal. Seriously cannot recommend him enough." - Courtney & Chris

Things will never do you justice. I want to focus on people. The details that get me jazzed are the shape of a smile and light in the eyes. And making sure that stray hair behaves itself.

8. Details That Matter

Big. Small. Indoor. Outdoor. Sunshine. Rain. Perfectly executed and hot messes. Over 10 years of experiences. Whatcha got?

9. Been There. Done That.

"I had a specific vision that I wanted for my pictures, and Mike completely brought my vision to life. He made it even better than I imagined." - Lauren & Scott

Trends fade and yesterday already happened. Let’s do today better. Constant education, vulnerable questions, and lots of self reflection.

10. Never Settle for Good Enough

"Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.” - Mrs. Frizzle. With over 10 years of experience, I can make instant decisions to do new and incredible things. Why settle for an Instagram duplicate?

11. The Magic School Bus

"The actual pictures are amazing. We were hesitant to get a professional photographer, but now that we have the end result we're incredibly happy that we did and would do the same thing again the next time." - Maddie & Christian

Having your picture taken requires vulnerability and courage. You’re literally exposed. I don’t take that for granted.

12. The Give a Shit Factor

Yes, I have a full time engineering career outside of photography. All that means is on weekdays from 7AM to 3PM, I may not be as fast to respond to your email, call, or text. Regardless, I’m here for you from beginning to end, through every step and stage, and maybe even a little after. Chances are you haven’t done this before. Reach out - I’m here to help.

13. I'm Always Around

"The pictures capture more of me than I ever expected! The images are forcing me to get to know myself in a new way!" - Lowrie

Get your images in 2 to 3 weeks, then your prints in days, and your album in another month. 

14. Minimal Patience Required

Wastes of time:  hours submitting to magazines and blogs.

What matters: my amazing clients and their images. I rely on your words to serve new clients; I want you raving about your experience. 

15. Jumping for Joy

"All my friends have said, "Now that's you," with the images taken by Mike. He was great to work with and I'm already thinking of bringing him back - Bill

Taking pictures, editing those images, designing your album; it’s all done in-house. I don’t outsource any work because I care about every aspect of your experience, from start to finish.

16. One Chef in the Kitchen

You should know exactly what’s happening, when it’s happening, and what’s expected from the moment you first say hello til you receive your album. We work together to plan the timeline, travel details, gotta-have images, and all the other bits to guarantee a stress-free experience.

17. Mastermind Strategists

"We did our shoot in the early evening, and Mike's ability to handle the quickly changing lighting was spot-on. And the photos - WOW! They look absolutely perfect." - Savannah & Craig


You’ll get a photographer that is professional, punctual, fun, dedicated, and a bit goofy. Weaknesses include cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie dough.


Testimonials Page

18. This Guy

"He was very open to listening to our thought and ideas and using his expertise to get some very beautiful shots! Mike has gained returning clients with us to capture many more memories of our family!" - Mike & Markeshia


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The equivalent of a Netflix binge session, these are the stories you subscribe to as there's always another adventure to come. Lifestyle Brand Portraits are a cohesive series of images. Designed to capture the day to day adventures; they're great for those with a strong social media presence that focuses on people.

Finding the right photographer is like finding the perfect shoe. I don't fit everyone, but I could be perfect for you. I guarantee that I will rock your socks off if I am.

Let's find out if we can run together.

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