An Atlanta Creative brand Portrait Photographer

Dramatic Light for Your Epic Story

An Atlanta Creative Brand
& Portrait Photographer

Bringing Light to the Heart of Every Story

An Atlanta Creative brand Portrait Photographer

Dramatic Light for Your Epic Story

An Atlanta Creative brand Portrait Photographer

Dramatic Light for Your Epic Story

Meet Mike

Hello! I’m Mike and welcome to Mike Glatzer Photography! I’m a storyteller, and I have the incredible privilege of working with people to share their adventures. Out of curiosity, ask yourself the following:

-Do you want to have a kick butt experience?
-Do you value a relationship with your photographer?
-Do you love gorgeous, dramatically lit images?
-Do you believe in longevity and not just right now?
-Do you like football, Harry Potter & Game of Thrones, traveling, musical theater, podcasts, and porch sitting paired with wine and a good book?

YEah man!


If you’re screaming, “YES!” to that list, then definitely give me a shout! If you’re not 100% on that final point, well I guess I can let that slide. The core of my business is built on the relationships I foster with every person I work with. I shoot a limited number of sessions per year so I can do my absolute best to serve my clients. As a portrait photographer, you give me the responsibility of telling your story via the images I create. Your story is singularly unique and different from anyone else’s, and I make sure to tell it authentically. My goal is not only to provide gorgeous art that you’ll cherish forever but also to offer an unrivaled experience.  How do we do this?


A LOT of questions. I want to get to know you, what you nerd out about, your favorite local restaurants, if you caught the latest football upset, and why you’re choosing to capture this specific moment in time. I want to cultivate a friendship that makes us want to grab a beer long after your session. Hiring a photographer is an investment, and finding someone who fits your style and personality is incredibly important.  Feel free to peruse my blog, read what others have said, and learn as much as you can. After that, send me a message and let’s find a time to grab some coffee (tea for me!) or a beer and chat about your vision.


I want to create a mini-biography within each frame. Whether it be a high school senior or a genius start-up company, each and every element adds to your story and how you got where you are. 

Learn how we'll create these story portraits using a number of methods developed by this product development engineer, actor, and former wedding photographer. 

What to Expect


Chances are you've never done a professional portrait session before, and that's okay! There are a lot of subtleties and nuances that go into planning a successful session. I'm here to make that planning process as simple, transparent, and painless as possible. I'll walk you through every step of the way.

Planning is Everything


In 10 plus years of shooting, I’ve picked up a couple of things: how clothing affects body language, how to use poses that flatter and elicit specific moods, how to shoot in tough locations, that ladies should bring a spare set of flats to their portrait sessions, and that open communication and having fun translates into the best images.

All the Tips and Tricks


"Oh Shit" moments don’t scare me. Just like the rest of life, they happen. Instead of freaking out, we can take what we’re given and create something really unique. Obstacles are opportunities to do something incredible - let's embrace that challenge.

Oh Shit Opportunities


I believe in constraints and defining The Box. Constraints make us efficient and imaginative with the resources available. The better defined the project, the budget, and the expectations, the happier we’ll be with the outcome because I'll know how and where to overdeliver.

Define the box


Focused, colored, dynamic lighting that defines and reveals texture, shadow, and details. Shadow is what creates depth and story. It's what makes a two-dimensional image jump from the page with a three-dimensional feel. I'll find and create the perfect light to shape your story, regardless of the situation. 

Embrace the Darkness


So much of what makes a great picture is the experience of creating it AKA the story! Let’s crack jokes, have fun, and be buddies - You deserve to work with a photographers that's just as excited as you to create your images. 

NO Jerk Policy


Okay, I was hoping for a bit more applause for that one. But on a more serious note, I bring my A-game to your session. You’ll get a photographer that is professional, punctual, fun, dedicated, and a bit goofy. I want to capture your story, and I want you to enjoy the guy behind the lens too; creating a singular experience that you’ll love.

mike glatzer


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Creative Portraits are imaginative and vibrant. The "catch-all" service, you can use these artistic visions to set the tone for a room as wall art or a banner for a website.

Lifestyle Portraits

The equivalent of a Netflix binge session, these are the stories you subscribe to as there's always another adventure to come. Lifestyle Brand Portraits are a cohesive series of images. Designed to capture the day to day adventures; they're great for those with a strong social media presence that focuses on people.

Finding the right photographer is like finding the perfect shoe. I don't fit everyone, but I could be perfect for you. I guarantee that I will rock your socks off if I am.

Let's find out if we can run together.

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