The Process

Here’s How This Works

1. Happy Hour

We sit down over drinks in your favorite Atlanta bar, coffee shop, or restaurant or via Zoom & get to know each other. We discuss your vision for your photos, brainstorm creative direction, talk about how I can best serve your needs, and go over pricing information.

Creative portrait sessions start at $350, with most clients averaging $1,500. Headshots start at $250, with an average spend of $650.  For more information, I wrote posts detailing the factors for how much a portrait photographer costs and how much a headshot costs.

Next Step This Way

2. Contracts & Planning Process

I send you a contract with some obnoxious lawyer speak (sorry, gotta do it), and if all looks good, you sign it, and then pay a deposit to lock in your session.

Then we can start the real fun—planning! We talk about outfits and locations, timelines, specifics about your images, and any other details that will bring your story to life.

Picture Perfect

3. Strike A Pose

It’s photo time! Show up a few minutes early, bring a set of comfy shoes, maybe some creature comforts, and let the fun begin!

All The Little Details

4. Edits & Delivery Process

After the shoot, we’ll work together to choose the photos you really love with a one-on-one viewing session or an online gallery where you can peruse the images at your leisure. 

Then, I work my editing magic: lighting, skin blemishes, stray hairs, squirrels doing the macarena, distracting leaves, the works. This can take up to 2 weeks to complete. Once completed, your digital image files are placed in an online gallery for you to download and any physical product is sent to the lab to be printed and delivered!


Contact Mike

Wait, you mean my tendency for being super wordy didn’t answer all your questions about my process? Then you should check the FAQ!