Monthly Tracking Sheet for Photographers and Freelancers

If you’re a newer photographer or studio, understanding your leads from a data driven-standpoint is vital.

You may need more clients to justify a full-blown CRM software to calculate all that data. And that’s okay – you’re getting there! However, having the right data helps accelerate this growth.

  • Where your best leads are coming from?
  • How much are you making per lead source?
  • Which leads are converting to booked clients?
  • How much are you making per client?
  • How much are you making per headshot, portrait, family, etc. client?
  • Is your business seasonal?
  • Did you make a change in your business and want to see if it made a difference?
  • Do you know your Cost of Goods per shoot type?

I have a full-blown, heavily featured CRM software that doesn’t have this kind of data processing. 

So I built a separate tool for tracking this kind of data! Unlike most CRM software tools, though, it is mostly manual entry. The good news is that entering the data (maybe 30 seconds per lead and eventual client) is straightforward. You’ll need to enter their name, if they booked a consultation, if they signed their contract, what kind of shoot they booked, the session fee, any additional sales, the cost of goods, and how they found you.

The tracking sheet will process all the numbers from there – you just need to keep up with the raw data entry! And this is why this tool is best for photographers with low client volumes. But believe me, after years of being a data nerd and crunching these numbers, it’s freaking worth it!

Please use the “Submit” button below to purchase the tracking sheet. From there, you’ll be asked to submit your payment information.

Once paid, you’ll be directed to a webpage with instructions on how to access the sheet, make your own version, update it for your photography business needs, and how to enter your data. 


For a more conversational description of the tracking sheet and how to use it, you can listen to this interview with Andrew from the PhotoBizX podcast!

Mike Glatzer monthly tracking sheet podcast interview with PhotoBizX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope – it’s a one-time fee. The form is built using Google Sheets, so you can save the template and copy it for each calendar year (it breaks down the data into months per year). You can keep copying the form to compare data year over year!

Yes! The tracking sheet works for all kinds of photography. For example, if you are a shoot and burn photographer, make your all-inclusive pricing the “session fee” and enter any additional sales you make into the “Sales” field.

If I update the template to work better/smarter, I’ll email you so you know. Bug fixes to the template will be offered at no charge. However, if I make improvements and you’re interested in the latest iteration, you must purchase the newest template! All changes will be documented and explained so you know what you’re getting to determine if it’s worth the upgrade

Should either of these occur, I’m including my email address and a link to a feedback form in the Tracking Sheet itself! Please submit any bugs or improvement suggestions there, and I’ll try to accommodate them as quickly as possible.

You can try – but I’m only granting access to the email address you used to purchase it. So it won’t work for them! I appreciate you trying to be a generous soul and helping your friends, though 😉