A headshot is so much more than just a close-up picture of you smiling. It’s the initial glimpse someone has into your personality as their next corporate hire or lead in their upcoming production, and it could mean the difference between a left and right swipe.

My goal as your photographer?

To highlight the real you

I want your headshot experience to feel collaborative and put you at ease!

So I’ll coach you through the whole process: shoot location, wardrobe, posing, angle, expression, body language, and more.

And you’ll be able to see the shots as I take them, projected in real-time onto a big screen, so we can adjust until you get the look you want.

I also want to respect your time. We’ll get the images you love without slowing down your day. Most headshot sessions take about 45 minutes.

I want you to love your headshots, and your headshots to work hard for you, landing you your dream role, position, or match.

The best part about working with Mike is the genuine connection and understanding to what the customer wants/needs in the photos.

Mike is also full of ideas as well as positions to get the best shot. He is open to real-time feedback and makes adjustments as needed to improve the overall customer experience.

If I were to recommend Mike to family or friends, I would say to go for it, because he is detailed, experienced, and dedicated. The quality he produces is commercial and high-end. You would have a great experience and also feel confident in your images.

Great job, Mike!”


Headshot Pricing

atlanta corporate headshot photographer Mike Glatzer

Starting from $250

Did you hate school picture day as much as I did? Sit, pose, smile, and that’s it. How cookie-cutter! We’ll work together to determine your best body language and expression with the optimal lighting and Atlanta-based location to communicate your goal.

Your images are displayed on a large monitor as we shoot, so we can work collaboratively to dial in the exact look you want. After the session, we’ll work together to select your top images, and from there, I’ll do all the touch-up work

Pricing starts with a $250 session fee.  All digital image files will be available for purchase after your session for $100 each. Most clients spend an average of $650.

Curious about what to expect?

Watch the video below for a rundown of my process:

Let your headshots make The Best first impression

Your headshot should say something about what you uniquely have to offer. Whether it’s your winning smile or a posture that inspires trust, your headshot should say something about what you, uniquely, have to offer. Whether it’s your winning smile, a posture that inspires trust, or lighting that connects your photo to your brand, I’ll bring your personality to the foreground.

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