Hi, I’m Mike

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Photography first came onto my radar when my wildlife photographer uncle let me tag along as a teen to one of his shoots. We were sitting on the beach, when, out of the blue, this fierce, wild osprey came gliding through the sky. So, I tried to photograph it….and failed (hey, I was only 14).

Even so, the experience sparked a lifelong passion. I found in photography an outlet for both my creative expression and my endless fascination with technology and technique. 

creative portrait of Atlanta photographer
I’m Mike, an Atlanta Photographer, Engineer, and occasional Actor

I’ve since discovered that shooting the beautiful, fleeting moments lived by people, not wildlife, comes with an even greater reward: an extraordinary opportunity to help people celebrate what makes them special. 

My mission is simple: To help people stand out by providing a fun, energetic, imaginative, and customized portrait experience with vibrant lighting that makes them feel like empowered and badass celebrity models in a magazine every time they look at their stunning artwork.

When I’m not taking photos, I’m probably watching football (go Jackets!), reading Harry Potter (for the bajillionth time), or listening to podcasts about why people do what they do—all with a glass of wine or cold beer in hand. And sometimes, you might just find me dancing and singing my ass off in a musical theater production.

about Mike - a goofy Atlanta Portrait photographer

Bottom line: Hiring a photographer is an investment, and finding someone who gets your style and personality is incredibly important. Feel free to peruse my bloglearn more about me, check out the process, and ask some questions. After that, send me a message, and let’s find a time to grab some coffee (tea for me!) or a beer and chat about your vision

Press & Features

I’ve been fortunate to have press features and interviews by several entities over the years for topics varying from task management to business accounting to creativity to work-life balance. As a result, my journey is unique, and I’ve learned a lot, painfully on my own and from others. 

  • Listed by FeedSpot as one of the top Atlanta Photography websites & blogs
  • Ranking on Page 1 for Google Search for numerous keywords so 90% of my leads are SEO driven
  • How and what business items to outsource and automate to balance an engineering day job & photography with everyday life
  • Building a life that is challenging & rewarding while spending time with friends & family

With all of my experiences, I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, and I love to share those stories to save others that same torturesome learning experience. A core value of mine is to give back to the community, and one of my favorite ways to do that is through teaching.  

If you think I can be a valuable resource for your audience & your clients, check out my past work and give me a shout. I’d love to help.


Topics I Ramble About

speaking topics by Mike Glatzer

-Balancing full-time engineering with photography
-Time management & productivity tips and tricks
-Outsourcing and automations to optimize your business
-Finding creativity in everyday tasks
-Small business & personal money management
-Pricing psychology & buying habits
-SEO & blogging practices for passive marketing


If you couldn’t tell, I’m a workaholic. I’m one of the lucky few in that I love my engineering day job, my freelance photography work, and the ability to occasionally teach on the side. Yes, I live a double life as a product development engineer for medical devices. Feel free to ask about it! Or my time performing in musicals for 15+ years. Like I said, workaholic.

In the meantime, please fill out the form below to get in touch or ask questions. You can also reach me at (913) 303-1932 or mike@mikeglatzerphotos.com