Thankfully, people are starting to be less afraid to show their true selves. We’re celebrating (whoo!) what makes us different, rather than trying to blend in. I love this. Isn’t it energizing to see people boldly being themselves?

That’s the spirit I amplify during our editorial & brand photography session. Free-wheeling. Jokey. Dramatic. YOU.

If you’re thinking, "I want to feel and look like the fun person I am…but I’m awkward in front of a camera," that’s okay. And guess what?—We all feel uncomfortable getting pictures taken at first. I mean, it’s not exactly “normal” to grin like an idiot at a guy in plaid holding a black cube to his face. 

But by the end of the session, I’ll bet that you’re not even thinking about it. You’re just having a genuinely good time. Here’s my guarantee: In the unlikely event that it turns out to be the worst day of your life, drinks (strong ones) are on me afterward.

Is an Editorial & brand session right for me?

If you're......

• Gunning for your dream clients or dream job
• Tired of the basic, corporate photos your team is currently using
• Struggling to show the world why your new product is amazing
• Running an awesome, personality-filled blog
• Eager to show off your drop-dead-gorgeous-how-did-I-even-get-this-lucky family
• Building your modeling portfolio
• Or just trying to remember the last time you’ve seen yourself look natural in a photo

Then YES. It’s time you invested in nailing that first impression.

"As a model, I love working with Mike. He's super professional and fun to be around, and I never feel uncomfortable while shooting. He has a great command of lighting, and will do whatever it takes to get the best shot. The resulting photos are stunning."



Editorial & Brand Portraits are meaningful glimpses into who you are. Unlike flat, staged shots, these photos feel vividly alive. They’re a great way to add authenticity and energy to your blog or social media profiles, professional/company website, or serve as memorable wall art and framed family photos,.

Every session requires a $300 session fee. After that, digital files and physical products like prints and albums are available for purchase.

Starting from $300

Questions? I’ve answered some of the most common, here.

Let's tell your story

Your mischievous grin that matches your jokester personality. The way your eyes sparkle when you’re doing what lights you up. Your natural gravitas as a leader.

Simply put, I promise portraits that celebrate who you are.

Fill out the form below, and we can schedule our Happy Hour.

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