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What Should I Wear?

I get this question so often, so I wrote a blog post with tips for what to wear for your Portrait Sessions. Clothing should communicate your personality and for businesses, match your brand aesthetic. I may not always have the perfect concept, but I know what doesn't work or match your vision! I'm happy to work with you to figure out the best attire for your session. And if you're changing outfits, I can provide pointers to make it much easier. Especially if we're shooting on location!


What If It Rains?

Weather is fickle, there's no denying that. Then again, if you live in Georgia, then you know that if you don't like the weather, just wait another 30 minutes! But what happens if we plan a session and the skies open up? We have two options - reschedule or try to wait it out. I purposefully do not put session dates in my contracts because of this exact reason. Life and weather happen! I'm totally game to say, "Well it doesn't look like today is gonna work. What's your next available time?" Unless you want a rain-soaked session, we can always reschedule at no additional charge. I highly recommend checking out this blog post about what to do if it rains on your portrait session.


I'm Not a Model - I Suck at Posing! 

Hey, guess what, so does everyone else! Well, unless you're a model. Know what else? That's why you hire a professional photographer. A lot of my free time is spent learning about human behavior and body language because I find it fascinating. It's my job to make you look amazing and feel comfortable simultaneously. I also make sure that the poses we use fit your personality. Are you light and bubbly? Then we won't cross your arms. Are you a high-level executive who is super approachable and friendly? Then we'll take pictures with the camera at eye level instead of looking up, which makes you look imposing and intimidating. We'll talk a few times before the session to iron out the message and personality you want to exude in your images. It's my job to make the photos tell that story! 


I Don't Have Time - But I Need This!

Ah, the age-old problem - there just aren't enough hours in the day. You're busy, your office is always a madhouse, and you can't spare a ton of time to do these photos, but you know it'll help your business. This is where planning makes a huge difference. Yes, you'll need to plan ahead and block out some time for your session. Only have 30 minutes to spare? Cool - let's figure out what images you absolutely need to get and how we can knock them all out in that window. My goal is to ask all the necessary questions up front to develop a clear and concise game plan for your images before the actual session. This way, we're working efficiently to satisfy your needs and minimize your time spent away from serving your clients.


How Does Editing Work?

Every single image receives global editing AKA overall exposure, contrast, color, etc. when you receive them as proofs. Once you have gotten your proof images, you'll pick a selection, based on the package you purchased, and then I'll perform the detailed Photoshop edits on those images. After that's complete, you'll receive access to the final selection of images. All photos printed through me will receive detailed editing at no additional charge. If you'd like more details about my editing process, check out this post. I also have a short video showing off a detailed edit at high speed.


How Do I Get My Images?

Each session is placed on a personal, online gallery where you can view, favorite, and share your images. Here's a sample gallery for you to peruse! Images are available at a high resolution that is great for anything from social media to large prints up to 16x24". Branding & Headshot clients  get access to their images via the online gallery. Creative Portrait & Senior Portrait clients can order their finished, physical products through the online gallery with digital files available with any physical product ordered. Click this link to learn more about available product and their associated costs.


How Much Should I Expect to Spend?

Portrait sessions start at $300, with most creative clients averaging $1,400 while brand & commercial clients average $1,300. Headshots start at $200, with an average spend of $500.  For more information, I wrote a post detailing the factors for how much photographers cost.


How Long Before I Receive My Images?

I turn around proof images within two weeks of your session. Detailed edits take another two weeks to complete. Finally, any printed products take about 3 weeks to receive from the date of order. 


Do You Shoot Weddings??


How Do I Prepare For My Session?

I've created a series of blog posts to help - check out the summary page here.


Do You Photograph BIPOC?

Yes I do! I believe in photographing everyone in their best light (pun intended). Everyone is a little different: skin tone, body shape, personality, and more. Regardless of your individual uniqueness, I promise to listen to your concerns and address them the best I can with amazing images that celebrate you. I've got a blog post where you can learn how I specifically photograph BIPOC

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