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How's that to-do list looking? Never ending, right?

Do you have it broken down into categories like: Client Work, Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, and Business?

Or is it just a never ending laundry list of individual tasks a la: Shoot John's session, send follow up email to Sally, send contract to Peter, review finances for October, collect balance payment from Jill, file taxes for Q3, and on, and on, and on....?

How about this - you've been paying for Dubsado for the last 6 months and every time you try to sit down and set it up, you freeze at the complexity and mountain of work before thinking, "I'll do this later" and jump to another activity?

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm a certified nerd who loves systems, processes, and making life easier through automation.

You know Dubsado could help your business if only you could get it set up.

"Thank you so much Mike for referring Dubsado to me! When I first signed up, it was very confusing. I was excited to use it, but didn’t know where to start. Mike’s help and the way he explained each step was very helpful. It helped me think through the workflows and how I want to use Dubsado to make my life easier. Mike really helped automate my business!" - Gloria

You've already invested in Dubsado so you know the value of automation and organization. But you're holding back, you haven't dug in and done the work to set it up. Why? Wouldn't it be better to get your Dubsado up and running now instead of 6 months down the road? Which you'll probably put off again....

Maybe it's because you don't have time, you think your business is too unique, or it's just too overwhelming to figure out. Either way, it's taking time away from helping your clients and you're paying for a system that you're not even using to its fullest capabilities

See my Youtube Channel for Examples!

See my Youtube Channel for Examples!

want to See more of my tutorial videos?

Is a Dubsado Set Up Service right for me?

If you're......

• Losing time working with clients because of back office tasks
• Tired of writing the same 5 emails over and over again
• Struggling to provide a consistent client experience
• Wanting to automate appointment reminders, invoice payment requests, and lead tracking
• Suffering non-stop anxiety that you're forgetting something client related
• Dreaming of a system that will automatically welcome a new lead, schedule a meeting, and take a downpayment
• Excited to have a system that will take your clients through a workflow with minimal input so you can have a life outside of the office

Then YES. It’s time you invested in automating your Life

"I had a love & hate relationship after two years of using Dubsado in my business. nothing was automated and I was fumbling through the client process as I didn’t have a full understanding of how to automate or set up my workflow. Enter Mike Glatzer! He not only helped me set up automated emails and my workflow, he also walked me through how everything works together. 

I’m no longer wasting time rewriting the same emails, wondering when to remind clients their payments are due, going back and forth to schedule appointments, etc. It’s been a game changer & my only regret is not sitting down with him 2 years ago!"   - Lauren


Build out:
-Canned Emails
  -Lead capture (1)
  -Questionnaires (up to 3)
  -Proposal (1)
  -Contract (1)
  -Subcontracts (up to 2)
-Payment schedule (1)
-Scheduler (up to 2)
-Video recording of all work performed

one Full Workflow

Let the automation commence! We'll work together to build your first fully featured workflow in all its glory. I'll do all the set up work, building all the pieces needed for one workflow so you can start taking clients through your process. 

You'll need to provide the content for the emails, forms, and packages but I'll do all the heaving lifting of making them live in Dubsado.



Build out:
-One workflow
-Build placeholders for: Canned Emails, Lead capture, Questionnaires, Proposal, Contract, Subcontracts, & Schedulers
-Payment schedule
-Video recording of all work performed

Foundation Workflow

I'll get you started by building out a workflow with placeholders for all the necessary forms, emails, and such. Once I've got the skeleton built, you can finish it up by adding content to all the pieces. Then BOOM - you're off and running.

You'll need to have your client process described prior to starting this work.



A la Carte

Minimum of 4


Minimum of 10

Canned Emails

Project Statuses
Project Tags
Custom Fields

Set-up tab

Billed in 15 minute intervals

Additional Hours

 and more

Advanced Integrations

Each item includes video recordings of all work performed

Here's How This Works



We hop on a quick call and get to know each other. We discuss your business, your processes, how many workflows you'll need, and how I can best serve your needs. Cheers!



Contracts & Content

I send you a proposal, and if all looks good, you sign a contract with some obnoxious lawyer speak (sorry, gotta do it), and pay a deposit to lock in my services.

Then I'll assign you some homework to create and gather any materials and content I'll need to do the work. 

stop. Hammer time



I get caffeinated and start building out your Dubsado elements. I'll do a rough draft of everything to give us a strong starting point.

You'll get video recordings of all my work so you can keep track of my progress and learn how to do it yourself!


Edits & Delivery

We'll do a walkthrough of all the work with explanations of each step. We'll also make live tweaks and adjustments to the content and workflows so your system works for you!

All the little details

Let's Get Your Time Back

You are kicking butt at work and you're working hard to do so. You deserve to enjoy all your success.

Don't you want to spend it doing what you love with the people you care about?

Let's get your Dubsado in shape and you out of the office.

Mike glatzer Photography Serves ATLANTA, GA & worldwide


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