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I believe we should all print portraits. Sure, Instagram and Facebook are the usual hubs to display images, but there’s nothing better than walking around my home and seeing incredible art pieces on my walls, coffee tables, and bookshelves. Each piece is a walk down memory lane with a series of emotions. Now, I know that not everyone is in love with printing their artwork like I am (they’re missing out), and that’s why I offer printed products AND digital image files to my clients. With this article, I’d like to walk through the various products I offer, what makes them unique, and hopefully provide some inspiration for how you can decorate your home with gorgeous heirloom products.

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Wall Art Products

Exactly what it sounds like – these are pieces that get hung on your walls. 


Canvas is a fabric-based material that gets wrapped around a wood frame to create these pieces. Super lightweight, they offer a unique 3D look because the edges of your portrait can be part of the wrapped material. They’re great for larger sizes and are generally non-reflective, so you can put them in a well-lit room and enjoy your images from any angle. Because printing does require cutting down trees, the print lab I use plants new trees for sustainability.


metal wall art product

Another lightweight option, metal wall art prints your images directly to an aluminum surface. The printing process and material combination create vibrant, bold colors that scream. However, metal wall art can be very reflective, so you must plan where to place them to minimize unwanted glare.

Framed Print

These traditional paper prints look similar to what you usually think of when you hear “printed picture,” but the quality of the paper I use is much higher. In addition, each framed print has the option of a white, brown, or black wood frame made from ash to help match the decor of the room you’ll hang them. These pieces are not very reflective but are heavier than metal or canvas prints when printed in larger sizes.


Collages are collections of several individual pieces of various sizes displayed in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. I offer three options of wall art collages: small, medium, and large. The larger the collage, the more pieces included and larger as well! You can get each collage as all metal, all canvas, or all framed. To help design the right wall art collage for your home, I have software that can scale the prints appropriately on top of an image of your wall, so you’ll know exactly how it’ll fit.

Off-Wall Print Product


If you want something easy to put anywhere with that classic, timeless feel, you may want to consider an album. The pages are made of thicker substrates, so there’s some heft that will last through the years. Additionally, the pages lay flat, which means there’s no gutter like a traditional book where the pages bow inwards at the center. Lastly, each album is available with a fully customizable cover – debossing with colors and fonts, album materials of leathers, vegan leathers, or linen, and the option for an acrylic image cover. These are a favorite for my senior portrait clients.

Folio Boxes

These folio boxes are made in Australia from bamboo with gold hardware. They hold 10 or 20 11×14” matted prints, which you can always pull out and put in another frame or lean on a bookshelf. You have the option of white or black mats for the portraits too. There’s also the option to customize the base with a message and font of your choosing. These are a favorite with my clients as a gift for extended family members.

Matted Prints

Like the framed wall art pieces I mentioned earlier but smaller. These prints have an 11×14” matt and an 8×12” lustre texture print. You can get them with white or black mats to best match the rooms you’ll place them in. These matted prints offer many options to make them part of other pieces, hang them on your walls, or put them on a shelf.

Digital Image Files

These are a favorite option for my headshot and branding clients. Each digital image file comes with detailed and professional retouching. That means hair, skin, clothing, and background retouching are included and performed with your input. In addition, the files are at full resolution, which means you can use the digital image files to print up to 30×40”. All printed products ordered through me come with the corresponding digital image file at no additional charge; however, you can also purchase the image files by themselves. 

Wrap Up

My goal is for you to have incredible options to enjoy and cherish your images, whether putting your portraits on your wall, on a bookshelf, or your Instagram feed. Each product is of the highest quality, made by professional print labs, and customized to your specific needs. All my sessions come with a post-session meeting where we go through your images together so I can help you decide on the best images and the best way to showcase your gorgeous portraits

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