Black and White Rim Lighting

I wanted to use off-camera flash to highlight the edges of a subject and visually cut them out from the background AKA rim lighting. The twist: doing it in black and white so I couldn’t rely on color as a separator.

I chose black and white because it’s dramatic and stark. It forces photographers to simplify their backgrounds, use clean poses, and nail their lighting. Doing this in a studio setting, however, made it both easier and more challenging. Easier because I could control everything (outside or unwanted light sources), but more difficult because I was working in my home studio (it’s a smaller space), and so light control was crucial.

The effect I’m leaning on with these images is called rim lighting. Rim lighting simply means lighting the edges of your subject. Typically, rim lighting is used as an accent, as a second or third light, to add a little bit extra oomph to your image. In this case, I flipped the script and used rim light as my primary light source and an additional light as my accent or fill light. I swear it makes sense!

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