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Huzzah! You’re getting married—Congratulations! Your wedding day is something you’re going to remember for the rest of your life.

Let’s make sure the photos do justice to the memories.

I want you to be so thrilled with your photos that you’re constantly thinking up excuses to break out the wedding album, for YEARS to come. Because you deserve to feel proud—of committing to your love, of throwing an amazing wedding celebration, and of the unforgettable memories you made that day.

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Choosing the right wedding photographer for you is insanely important. Planning a wedding can be super stressful, and making sure everything runs smoothly day-of is often overwhelming. On top of everything else, you don’t want to be worrying that your photographer isn’t capturing both the big and in-between moments, or worse, isn’t clicking with you, the wedding party, or your guests. 

That’s why I’m pretty candid (pun intended) about how I work and shoot. I’m not trying to appeal to every couple—because I can’t. You tell me if you think we’d be a good fit! 

If you want a wedding photographer who....

• Thinks of this process as a creative collaboration—we’re going to work together way before your wedding day.
• Will thrill your planner by helping to keep the wedding on track.
• Lets REAL moments happen…with occasional, light-touch guidance to get amaze-balls images.
• Can wrangle your huge family into a beautiful, portrait-style shot & capture lighthearted candids of your tipsy last dance.
Can light your super dark reception venue like it’s a Taylor Swift concert.
• Has an unstoppable sense of humor (with a healthy dose of innuendo and sarcasm).
• Encourages you to embrace whatever it is you’re feeling in the moment: silly, dramatic, weepy, romantic—or just stupid, out-of-your-mind happy.
• Goes big and powerful with cinematic lighting.

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I offer three pre-built packages for wedding services. They are based on the most common asks from my wedding couples over the years.  Most of my couples spend around $4,400 on their wedding photography.

All wedding packages and a la carte options include an album and professionally retouched high resolution digital files

Packages start at $3,200

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Questions? I’ve answered some of the most common, here.


“Not only is Mike a great photographer, he is great with people. He took away so much stress of planning because he is focused and super experienced. Mike is also very flexible; we got together several times to make sure we would get all the shots we wanted and to go over how the day was going to go. He is quick to think of cool new ideas and is fast on his feet. We are more than happy with our wedding and engagement photos. We have everything from fun candids of our wedding party and guests to photos that are romantic and personal. Seriously cannot recommend him enough.”

-Courtney & Chris

Let’s find out if I’m your perfect wedding photographer. 

Okay, I’m just going to say it: Choosing the perfect wedding photographer is more important than choosing the perfect dress.

Bold statement, I know. But hear me out: The photos from your wedding day will be how you remember the way the afternoon light made everything golden, how your Great Aunt Meriam "Wobbled With It", and, most importantly, how much joy you felt surrounded by your loved ones.

….Can a dress do that?

But hey, I’m biased.

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