Atlanta Senior Portrait Photography That Stands Out

Creative, colorful, & dramatic You

How many senior photos have you seen where the subject leans against a brick wall with their arms crossed or sits on some railroad tracks?

And that’s just not you.

You want photos that are more Vanity Fair than yearbook candid. 

With big, gorgeous, finished wall art to adorn and share.

And if you’re thinking DUDE, YES… then you’re in the right place.

I offer Senior portraits in Atlanta that explode with personality

Free-wheeling. Jokey. Dramatic. YOU.

Perfect for seniors with a larger-than-life look, an extracurricular activity or hobby they want to show off, a creative side… or anyone who would rather stand out than fit in.

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What You Bring

• Your craziest visions for your portraits (seriously, dream big!)
• A general direction for how you want these portraits to look (Dark ‘n’ moody? Splashed with color? Like a ’40s ad?)
• A willingness to have to some FUN

What I Bring

• A library of Atlanta portrait locations and studios for your portraits
• Creative direction (guidance on outfits, props, and poses)
Expert lighting to bring out your ideal aesthetic
Professional editing for awesome images
• Finished images available for purchase as canvas wall art and printed goods

Is a Senior Portrait session right for me?

If you're......

• Wanting something truly unique and special that shouts YOU
• An out-of-the-box person who is truly creative at heart
• Not into boring, sit-and-grin photographs
• An athlete who wants to show off their skills 
• A musician looking for images that reflect your style
• A builder with an invention to display 
• Just celebrating the next chapter in your life 

Then YES. It’s time you made your dreams a reality.

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“Mike is a uniquely talented, passionate, and artistic photographer with a quirk for creating new and spectacularly different shots to whatever you need. He has become my go-to for cosplay shots because he is able to take my seedling of an idea and turn it into a beautiful and unique work of art through his unique eye and skill with lighting and posing.

He is very thorough in the planning of the shoot and makes getting to know you a priority, so he knows exactly what you are looking for in your photos. He is super personable and funny, which makes for a great and fun shoot while staying focused on getting the right product for your needs.

He is also very open minded to suggestions and will always try something new and different with lighting if it could add value and a unique personal quality to your photos! He is very quick to respond and very organized and prompt on the shoot day. He will go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the photos you want and need. You will be very, very happy that you have hired Mike as your photographer!”



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Senior Portraits are meaningful glimpses into who you are and where you’ve been.

Unlike flat, staged shots, these photos feel vividly alive. They're dramatically lit, filled with personality, full of little details, and guaranteed to make people stop and stare.

Every session requires a $300 session fee for up to 3 hours of shooting. After that, physical products like matted prints and canvas or metal wall art are available for purchase starting at $210. My clients spend an average of $1,500 on these sessions. Digital files come with all physical product purchased.  

Starting from $300

“What if I’m not sure what kind of Senior Portraits I want?”

Liking what you see here but don’t have a concept in mind for yourself?

Past clients have showcased their personalities through re-creating a favorite movie scene, whipping out a killer dance move, or dramatizing their hobby.

But at the start, most had no idea what they wanted. During the process, we developed the concept together.

So even if you’re not sure about a concept yet, I promise we’ll create something magical.

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Ready to stand out with photos that explode with personality?

Heck yes. It’s about time you stopped trying to “fit in.”

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