Atlanta Real Estate Brand Portraits

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Brand portrait sessions are all about capturing personalities, which is best done through sharing stories. I always end up amazed by my clients. Sometimes there are quirks that make me do the confounded doggie head tilt, but usually, it’s, “DUDE! That’s awesome!” Other times it’s a moment to be snarky and chuckle a bit with them. That’s my preferred type of bonding. If two people can make fun of each other, and enjoy the ribbing – then they’re set as friends. I knew I was gonna have a blast working with Bill and his team for their Atlanta real estate brand portraits after our first conversation.

Meet Bill & Co

Bill runs Palmer House Properties’ Atlanta office, a real estate group located in Midtown. The homes he works with are nothing short of incredible. I’m talking about venues I can only dream of (speaking from experience as a recent first-time homebuyer). And yet, Bill and his team of Josh and Caleb are incredibly friendly, down to earth, funny people. I had never met any of them prior to their session.

Bill got my name from a mutual friend, Ty Autry – a New York Actor and social media consultant, and promptly booked me for a corporate style headshot and business branding photography session. I told Bill that I knew Ty from our time at Georgia Tech. That brought up Bill’s fandom for the University of Georgia. I gave him some crap for their performance in the National Championship Game against Alabama. Then I received an equal amount of crap for the GT vs UGA game that year. But I found out his partner is a GT guy; setting the stage for a great working relationship. Seriously, if you can’t bond over sports what’s left? Marvel Superhero movies and Game of Thrones?

The Brand Portrait Session

We did Bill, Josh, and Caleb’s photos on the rooftop pool lounge of 905 Juniper – which was absolutely stunning. Though, I barely got to enjoy it as we spent so much time talking AKA laughing about how dirty Disney movies actually are when you’re old enough to understand the humor.

I’m really happy with these images – I think they came out well for Palmer House Properties’ business brand portraits. It wasn’t until my follow up call with Bill though that I realized I knocked it out of the park.

Everyone loves these images. My previous headshots and portraits really didn’t reflect my personality, but all my friends have said, “Now that’s you,” with the images taken by Mike. He was great to work with and I’m already thinking of bringing him back when my team expands.

Annnnnnd swoon.

Check here more information about getting some headshots done for your team, and if you want images that elevate your company I can help you there too.

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