Atlanta Multi-Passionate Freelancer Portraits

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I got super lucky when I bought my house in 2018 for many reasons. One of the best? My photographer friend Molly Weir lived right down the street! She’s what I would call a multi-passionate freelancer – lots of interests and killing it working for herself. Cue endless photography, Harry Potter, Marvel nerd chats, and impromptu portrait sessions!

Besides the awesome conversation of a fellow nerd and college football fan (I forgive you, Molly, for being a UGA alum/fan), is that we routinely ping each other for help and inspiration regarding our photography businesses. Molly focuses on engagements and weddings, whereas I’m moving towards more portraits for brands and creatives. To help build my portfolio, I asked Molly if she would be willing to put up with me for a few hours. If you didn’t guess, she said yes since you’re reading this post. Anyways!

Freelancer Portraits

Photographing a photographer is like a therapy session for both parties. You ramble about gear that you’re using and why, client stories based on what you’re shooting that moment, posing tips and how photographers are terrible at self-posing, and encouraging the other to hand out business cards when a passerby asks what you’re doing and why. It’s comical, it’s cathartic, and it’s also encouraging.

Molly and I spitballed some ideas and mostly focused around freelancer portraits of her for her brand. She suggested an awesome parking garage for our shooting location. We also brought along her dog Remus and had a blast getting him in the picture (pun intended!). Not gonna lie, I initially didn’t like this set when we were shooting it. I think I just needed to warm up, though, because I now LOVE so many images from this session. We did a lot of diverse things – natural light, composites, and some cool creative flash stuff as the day wore on. The best part? Getting cookie dough for dinner to close it out.

I couldn’t have asked for a better session: fun conversation, great images, and freaking delicious cookie dough. Virtually a perfect day when you think about it!

Molly’s Review

“Mike is perfect if you need professional, creative, and enjoyable portraits for your business or life. He is super prompt from inquiry, scheduling, session, and image delivery. He’s like crazy fast! Mike has such a knack for making the session fun instead of intimidating. I’m often self-conscious, and I didn’t even think twice about how I looked because I felt so reassured. He is definitely worth it!”


If you’d like to see more of Molly’s amazing work (and obsession with the color Purple), check out her channels:

Website: Molly Weir Photography

Instagram: @mollyweirphotography

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Here are some of the top shots from my session with Molly!