Atlanta Conceptual Portrait Photographer

Celebrate who you are with larger-than-life creative portraits

Visually captivating. 


(A little crazy?)


Let’s. Do. It.

Why choose me as your conceptual portrait photographer?

Let’s keep it simple: I’m 100% the right creative portrait photographer for you if you’re looking for…

  • moody, cinematic drama that only an expert in flash photography can create
  • funky creative direction to help you plan or refine your unique photography concept
  • a crazy fun experience where you can celebrate your sense of humor, nerdy side, or imagination
  • stunning wall art, photo boxes, collages, or albums to remember your experience forever


Conceptual Portrait Photography Pricing

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Book Your Session

(Starting at $400)

Your session booking fee includes…

  • concept development to nail down the vision in your head
  • dedicated creative planning session to outline all the details to bring your concept to life
  • location scouting & props sourcing to make your portraits more realistic and high-end
  • hair, makeup, and wardrobe recommendations to create the look you want (crazy, luxe, scary — whatever!)
  • up to a 3-hour photography session — where all the fun happens!

Step 2 – Order Your Artwork

You can choose from luxury products made custom for you with my partner companies in Italy and NYC: 

  • Photo boxes
  • Collages
  • Wall art
  • Albums 

Prices range depending on size and specifications; my clients spend an average of $1500 on their artwork. 

Note: digital files are included with every artwork purchase but are not available as a standalone purchase. 


Preview the Conceptual Portrait Photography Experience

“Mike is a uniquely talented, passionate, and artistic photographer with a quirk for creating new and spectacularly different shots to whatever you need. He has become my go-to for cosplay shots because he is able to take my seedling of an idea and turn it into a beautiful and unique work of art through his unique eye and skill with lighting and posing.

He is very thorough in the planning of the shoot and makes getting to know you a priority, so he knows exactly what you are looking for in your photos. He’s super personable and funny, which makes for a great and fun shoot while staying focused on getting the right product for your needs.

Mike is also very open-minded to suggestions and will always try something new and different with lighting if it could add value and a unique personal quality to your photos! He’s very quick to respond and very organized and prompt on the shoot day. He will go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the photos you want and need.

You will be very, very happy that you have hired Mike as your photographer!


What should you expect with the conceptual portrait photography process?

Watch the video below for a rundown of how it works, from first meeting to final artwork purchase:

Powerful moments and personality-packed artwork

Heck yes. It’s about time you celebrated what makes you unique.

Let’s grab a virtual coffee or beer & chat about your awesome portrait session idea!